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A sequel to "Sarah's Daughter," published by Gadd Books in 2010.
A 19th century teen deals with family sorrow, joy, friendship, bereavement.
Weekly column that has appeared on the front of local news section of daily newspaper for 26 years, 52 weeks of the year, briefly moved inside in 2010 and is now back on the front.
A series of small books focusing on the use of fresh herbs in various milieu.
Free-lance photos -- scenic and historic -- have appeared in The (New London, CT) Day, Forbes magazine, Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Berkshire Eagle, The Boston Globe, Yankee Magazine and Yankee Travel Guide.
Opinion excerpts
Taken from past columns in The Berkshire Eagle

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The third book in the series is published: "A Silver Moon for Rose". It is available through the Internet or by following the instructions found in the Newsletter tab of this web site. And that's it! When you read the last page, you send them on their own to finish their lives as they see fit.

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Thank you, Ruth, for today's column on the Girl Scouts. You have brought out some little known facts (at least for me) regarding their non-discrimination. This is probably something we all knew but took for granted. As always, your column was great.

Nancy deForest

Just read your column of 10-2-17 about the team name”Lenox Millionaires”.
Why not the Lenox Lions? I am thinking of the Lions Gate at Tanglewood. The new name would align with the wonderful signature institution that means Lenox to so many people. It would also be a tip of the top hat to those millionaires who made it possible. Also, I like alliteration.

Thank you for your wonderful column today ! As an 8 year old I stood transfixed by the Last Arrow , an iconic painting that still exists in the public psyche . A museums mission is to preserve in the public domain , masterpieces that should always be available to the people rather than be hidden in a rich man s den. They are the custodians of our public treasures . Perhaps our heirlooms are already in NYC , being cataloged for the elite bluebloods who will rob them from us . Who else can afford them ,not countless school children for all generations , or those of us for whom sothebys defines a 1% class so entitled and arrogant ! As you point out , this was all so dead of night to suggest Mr. Von Shields fear of inviting public discourse , let alone passion and emotion on this subject .The Feigenbaum exhibits , also projected by many of the current Board , was quickly outdated as kids could generate more engaging games on their Iphones . dan valenti likens the current vision as turning our museum into a Chuckie Cheese .This outrage will taint the Museum s valor forevever as the priceless paintings irrevocably vanish . The city of detroit was pressured to force the Detroit Institute of Art s Van Gogh to the auction block to address municipal bankruptcy , certainly more important social issues than the Berkshire Museum faces , see where that went . Oh and why won t the Vatican sell off its Michelangelo s to feed the poor ? The answer lies in the unique power of art to eternally inform , to always be beautiful and for us to pass on to the future of humanity . there must be another way , can t we have chance to change their minds about this ? Barry Lobovits ,MD

Global warming is nothing more than a liberal JOKE, just like liberals are.

Obama, the muslim will go down as the worst, & dumbest president EVER, Can't wait for Trump to undo EVERYTHING he did. Ha,Ha,Ha.

Ruth, your Commentary column in the Jan. 4 Eagle had me in tears as I remembered my own mother and grandmother - thank you! I have really enjoyed all your columns and am so glad you kept up your writing after the devastating loss of your husband (I lost my husband of 45 years a few years ago and can sympathize). Louise Frankenberg, Dalton

Just read your St. Nicholas piece. It's great.

Ruth, Those of us on the Board of the Susan B Anthony Birthplace in Adams were thrilled to read your column in the Berkshire Eagle in honor of Ms Anthony's birthday. The bitterly cold day still saw produced a stalwart audience to hear Jeanne Gehret portray Susan. Thank you for honoring her with your words. Carol Crossed, President, Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum

It's a shame u have no clue about the unemployment numbers, but then again, u r a Berkshire bumpkin. Arab spring, look what happened there, the "b" word. Cash for clunkers, the border, fast and furious and now the report on o'bammacare deception. Your little black prince is joke.

The next 2 years we'll see if the GOP has any rocks to stop the anti-american

Ruth, thanks for your mention of COUNTING ON GRACE in your article on the Mill Children exhibit. I've posted a link to it on my Facebook Author page and hope many will get to Adams to see it. Best, Elizabeth Winthrop

BRAVO on your today's Eagle column on the mediocrity of GOLDFINCH. It is one of the very few books I put down and could not finish. The reason I read as much as I did was that I loved Donna Tratt's first book: THE SECRET HISTORY.
I was very disappointed in Goldfinch and couldn't understand the prizes and rave reviews it received. Thanks so much for your beautiful column! Made me feel much better that I wasn't alone.. Liz Shalit

Maybe everyone should quit their jobs and babysit, that would solve all the problems. Are GW and Cheney still manipulating the oil prices? Yer boy o'bamma is a failure.

I am visiting from California in Cummington at our vacation home, and I went to the Red Lion Inn and picked up your books in the gift shop. I read Sarah's Daughter, and now into Rose. I absolutely can't put them down. I got them because of being here in New England and thought it was appropriate timing. I see you are writing #3....yeah, I'm so excited. When is it suppose to be out? I will be back here in the fall, but would love to get it sooner at home if available. So glad I found them to read while I'm here. Keeping them here for my guests to read after me. Daughters are coming in fall. Fran Montgomery

Just read your article on Newton, question is ...why isnt anyone talking about mental illness????? Its the person, not the inadimate object that planned and carried out the massacre. Who allowed this mentally ill person to reach the point in his illness, these Are
the questions we need to ask ourselves as a society . Mrs Bass....the gun didnt kill ,the person withmental illness did .....why isnt that obvious? Should we ignore that fact or should it be addressed ? I have family in Newton,and I have a heart... But looking to ban guns is just the wrong path,helpthe mentallyill.... Dont mainstream them... Same for the people who killed in Columbine, or All the other tragedies
You are a powerful writer, please think about the person behind the gun,or knife,or car or match....or bomb... This has been overlooked
Thankyou, sincerely. Eileen Hoffmire RNLenox, Ma

Are you planning another book in the Sarah's Daughter and Rose series? Please tell me yes...I loved both books and can't wait to hear what happens to Rose and Newton as they start their life together...

the answer is yes. And it's just been published with all kinds of stuff about what happens to Newton and Rose -- and that's it! A trilogy. And they're on their own when you get to the last page of "A Silver Moon for Rose." Hope you get this note. 12/08/2016

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Thank you for the article about Elizabeth Jennings in Monday's paper. It was very interesting and informative. I did enjoy it so much.

Loved your article about Alaska and the Iditarod. my wife,Suzanne, a former teacher, has taught about the Iditarod and it's Mushers fo many many years until "Standard Testing" got in the way. I would like to bring to your attention a few sites you maybe interested. The first is in Bedford VA. Th y claim to have the only memorial totally dedicated to DA-Day. There is a very interesting book call th Bedford Boys that is xpllain why the memorial. Is there. I t is a moving experi nice to visit there and should be seen by all.j The other site is in Shanksville Pa and. Is the site of the 9-11 day flight of Flight 93. Some of the recording of phon calls made by passeng re b fore the crash will tear your heart apart. . Another sight that was important to me was in Evansville Indiana. Located here is the last remains LSTfrom the D-_day invasion. My Father served on one similarity this one. there is a very interesting story as how this ship was saved, it was found in Greece and save by a group of WW I navy vet. Web site can be found at LST325El

Ruth, I would love to see a sequel to Sarah's Daughter. I just read it for book club and I loved it. I need to know what happens to Rose. Does she marry, does she teach, does she ever go home. What about Silas (he needs to hook up with Ruthann). Please write a sequel.

The sequel is OUT! "Rose" was published in 2010, and the sequel to the sequel (last book), "A Silver Moon for Rose," has just been published (November 2016) and can be ordered from me. The instructions for doing that (And getting "Rose" as well) are under the heading WORKS on this web site.