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"Sarah's Daughter" and "Rose"

"Sarah's Daughter," enjoyed by readers from 12 to 95, is the story of a 14-year-old New England farm girl who has to take over house, children and farm work after her mother dies. Based on a kernel of knowledge about the author's grandmother, the book is set in the last quarter of the 19th century and graphically depicts life in rural New England at that time. Sarah's daughter, Rose, copes with love, loss, hard work, a grieving alcoholic father, two siblings and a yearning to become a teacher.

Rose, heroine of "Sarah's Daughter," faces many new decisions as she struggles with the separation of her family, now living in three different places. As her romantic interest in Newton grows, she is torn between that and her wish to be a teacher. Love, loss, friendship, family and the problems of 19th century women are all part of her growing up.


All rights to "Rose" and "Sarah's Daughter" have reverted to the author, and inscribed copies are available direct from the author. Send orders to Ruth Bass, P. O. Box 204, Richmond, MA 01254 with check or money order enclosed. Price for "Rose" is $15, free shipping; price for "Sarah's Daughter is $14, free shipping.