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I'd rather write than sell. But selling comes after writing and must be done. All four of my novels are available from me directly.

Send a check or money order (they still have money orders, right?)
to me at P. O. Box 204, Richmond, MA 01254-0204.
That would be $15 each for "Sarah" and "Rose"
and $20 for "Silver Moon"  and the new book, "Sarah Meets Silas," a prequel.

If you buy all four,
send $60. They will be inscribed.

Some of those who praised the Rose prose
were National Book Award winner Robb
Forman Dew, poet and children's
book author Judith Viorst
and TV film critic Gene Shalit.

E-mail me at Ruthbass92@yahoo.com
with any questions.

Cover for "Sarah's Daughter" designed by Rachel Kaufman