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How hard this is, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the Donald Trump nightmare can end. And the almost instant ability of Repblicans in the Senate to immediately abandon things they considered PRINCIPLE -- waiting until Americans have their chance to tune in by voting -- and say let's get a dependable conservative in there right now. We usually expect Mitch McConnell to be turn whichever way works, but maybe, just maybe, not all of his Republican folowers will fall into line. Lindsay Graham turned hypocrite with no problem, but perhaps this time Susan Collins will find her soul and not order the roast beef sandwich. (You can look that up probably.) And we go over the 200,000 death count right now from coronavirus. They slide past that so easily, the Senators never yelling at the president that he needs to DO something. We have reached a sorry place, including Bill Barr's comparison of virus rules like staying home and wearing a maska  as secondonly to the "restraints" of slavery. The president should be invoking one of his fasvorite phrases: "It's sad." Yep. Lots of sad.

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