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Perhaps we'll just pay $5 a gallon or whatever and not grouse about it. It's a small hardship in our world where gunfire is limited to our own police officers and our own criminals and our own madmen -- not invaders. Ukraine is proudly and doggedly defending its heritage, its land and its freedom. And the price of gas is part of what we pay for their continued resistance against the enormous and misguided power of Russia's Putin. Ukrainians live in Russia, Russians live in Ukraine -- this is a terrible war in which cousins may be going against cousins, shared culture against shared culture. Can Putin decide too many body bags are coming back to Russia and too many young people are protesting in his streets? Time will tell. But determined dictators don't have a good reputation for clear, long-term thinking. Their creed is win. Their desire is power.


Will Ukraine be rubble before he's done? A country not worth having except to say, "I won?"

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